About two years ago, I was inspired by what the Webheads do for each other, and I wrote
"A Webheads Anthem." I know it's a sentimental, syrupy kind of thing, but that's how I
feel sometimes.

The song was only in my head until very recently, when I wrote it out by hand. Yesterday
(September 12th), I started using some music notation software to make it look more or
less like printed music, but the software is both tricky and time-consuming to use, so for
the 10th Anniversary get-togethers, I had finished (mostly: it still needs some editing)
only the chorus.

The chorus is below. Here's the verse:

I belong to an online community. It means more to me each day,
And I respect and admire my colleagues for their help along the way.
They inspire me and enrich me when we're working and at play,
And when I think of that, then I smile and sing, and this is what I say:
"A Webheads Anthem" (chorus)