I met Webheads in Action group in 2006 and became a member in 2007.

I placed the following text at graduation, I believed it then and I believe it now.

"I will like to make an analogy.

Becoming a Webhead course is like making a pilgrimage to "Santiago de Compostela".

It is a road that starts in Bayone, France and ends at "Puerto de la Coruña" in Galicia, Spain. The road was created and guarded by the Templars; it had several posts along the route.
Every post had a guardian. The guardian was in charge of attending every need of the pilgrims; he cared for them and guided them to the next post.
The road was maintained by the community, they saw that it was safe, in well condition, and provided that all the pilgrims reached their goal.

I felt in a learning journey; at every cyber site I met a guardian who cared for my needs, if I had lost the way someone came around with a link to get me to where the group was gathered, if I made mistakes there was someone who either corrected them or told me how to correct them myself, all along the way there were angels watching my development and sharing light where needed.

With my deepest thanks. Maru."

With a bit more time online I can tell that there is no other community as commited, sharing and caring like this one. If you hang out around any of them you end up learning what you need to learn. Moreover, you become a better and happier person, those qualities expand gradually to each and all areas in your life. I am proud to be a Webhead.