Being a webhead has meant so much to me. How can I count the ways? Thanks to the webheads, . . .

  1. I've left my fear of new technology behind, thanks to the webhead spirit and the webheads' assistance.
  2. I've made wonderful friends around the world, many of whom I have had the pleasure of meeting face to face as well.
  3. After many long years of just going to conventions, I have finally begun presenting at them. I owe every one of these presentations to my involvement with the webheads.
  4. I have more blogs and wikis than I can count!
  5. I've blogged with my students at the University of Maryland.
  6. I've taught three groups of Japanese students from Aoyama Gakuin University to blog, and some of them are still doing it!
  7. I've created wikis for class webpages, planning spaces for the AGU in America program and my institute's self-study, conference presentations, and a repository for my childhood memories.
  8. I've spent pleasurable hours chatting at Tapped In on Sunday mornings and enjoyed numerous voice and text chats with webheads at other times, at work and at home. I've created an office at Tapped In where I chat with my students and former students, and I've even created a Tapped In group on Nonverbal Learning Disorder.
  9. I've been published in the TESL-EJ, thanks to encouragement and assistance from Elizabeth Hanson-Smith and Vance Stevens.
  10. I presented at WiAOC 2007, thanks to Moira Hunter, who held my hand throughout.
  11. I spoke online to Rita Zeinstejer's colleagues in Rosario, Argentina, and was interviewed by her students about American culture.
  12. I have endured three Becoming a Webhead sessions at EVOnline, learning more and making more friends at each one. (I say "endured" because we all know how much work BaW is!) I even helped out as a co-mod one week in 2007.
  13. I've discovered Blogger, PBWiki, Bubbleshare, Picasa, Delicious and MyBookmarks, Chinswing,, Facebook, Google Earth, Yahoo Groups, Shelfari, Jigzone, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Survey Monkey, online banking, YouTube, and more without which I can no longer imagine life.