Webheads are ten years old

Sept 13-14, 2008


We're having an unCELEBRATION

all week long!

(an online event organized peer to peer)

Watch and Listen to us in action, Webheads as precursors to peace, an Elluminate recording from Buthaina Alothman's presentation at a conference on world peace at Women without Frontiers conference in Rhodes, Greece, Sept 27, 2008: http://tinyurl.com/LT080927


*Synchronous Voice Chat Open House: Anytime from noon Saturday, Sept. 13, to noon Sunday, Sept. 14, connect with fellow webheads on Yahoo Messenger with Voice. All you invisibles, make yourselves visible for this one day and say hello to your fellow Webheads around the world!
  • September 14, noon GMT - There will be a special conversation at TAPPED IN http://tappedin.org
  • September 14, 13:00 GMT - Online presentations — Webheads 10th Anniversary on WiZiQ
  • September 14, 14:00 GMT - Hopefully, Minhaaj will mount a webcast following the event above


Join webheads: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/evonline2002_webheads/


A little history ... The original group was called Writing for Webheads http://wfw.webheads.info/

This group most recently was being maintained at its YahooGroup site here: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/efiwebheads/
The calendar there churns out a message each year: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/efiwebheads/message/6163
which reads:

Double Anniversary! Felix and Ying Lan!!


Saturday September 13, 2008

All Day

This event repeats every year.

Ying Lan and Felix both registered with the Writing for Webheads class on September 13, 1998. They were the first students to register for the new class, but both had been meeting Michael, Maggi, and Vance in live '3-D' classes at the Palace on Sundays for months before that.

Since then, Ying Lan appeared for years at almost every live online chat class we held, and both she and Felix have dropped in on us this past year. So if you join our chat at noon GMT any Sunday, you can sometimes meet them there.
Ying Lan's web page: http://prosites-vstevens.homestead.com/files/efi/efw_ying.htm
Felix's web page: http://prosites-vstevens.homestead.com/files/efi/efwbahia.htm
I am still in touch with both Ying Lan and Felix
I'm chatting at this moment (Sept 13) with Dennilson: http://prosites-vstevens.homestead.com/files/efi/efw_deni.htm
and with Antonio: http://prosites-vstevens.homestead.com/files/efi/antonio.htm and
- Vance

Antonio from Mexico checking in from Toronto, Canada

Happy 10th aniversary to all Webheads! Congratulations on all you've done to bring people together to learn. Best of luck with all of the Webheads' future endeavours!
- Antonio (Toronto, ON)


Write below any links or events connected with the celebration that you'd like to see or make happen

Click on the Pic to see Rita Zeinstejer's Glogster Mashup

happy tenth, webheads!

I can only celebrate and be grateful to have found the Webheads.
Carla Arena, a proud Brazilian Webhead in Key West, FL



  • Site for displaying html and photos
  • Mark your location on Google Maps
  • Online presentations — Elluminate / Alado
  • Pictures along the years - http://flickr.com/groups/webheadsinaction/
  • Statistics along certain periods (i.e. start - 5 years ago - now)
  • Virtual party in Second Life with educational presents
  • Tool demonstrations in Second LIfe
  • Tour guide in Second Life for Webheads newbies

Rita has a fertile imagination (posted here by Vance ;-)

Surprise (thanks to Carla)
Starting from here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/webheadsinaction/pool/map?&fLat=14.5197&fLon=-71.8945&zl=15&order_by=recent

I somehow got here:
Jeff Lebow, Vance Stevens, Rita Zeinstejer keep dry in NYC as Patricia watches Money Mary count$ the ca$h and Carla & Daf and Joao & Claire schmooze!

Happy 10th anniversary to the 4 wonderful people who created this unstoppable movement of friendship and support all over the world.
Joao Vaz